Mini Movers Classes

Our Mini Movers Program is specifically geared towards introducing young children (ages 2-6) to the fundamentals of dance in a fun and nurturing environment!

From the early stages of childhood, dance offers a unique blend of fun, fitness, and learning that can significantly contribute to a child’s physical development and emotional maturity. Whether it’s the joy of expressing emotion through physical movement, the excitement of learning something new, or the thrill of performing in front of others, our Mini Movers program is the perfect way to introduce important life skills at a young age in an entertaining and engaging framework. Our Mini Dancers who are enrolled will also have the opportunity to perform one routine in our yearly recital to showcase their talents and hard work.

Many parents recognize the benefits of dance however they struggle to find their child’s passion due to the lack of variety of styles at most studios. Island Style Dance Studio recognizes that exposure to a variety of dance styles for young children aids in their ability to find their passion, thus our Mini Movers Program includes technique classes for Ballet, Jazz, Ballroom and Hula that dancers can try each year until they have found one that they love and connect with the most.


  • Mini Jazz Combo:
    • Is your dancer ready to shimmy, shake, and tap their toes? In our Mini Jazz Combo class, dancers will explore a variety of dance styles including the basics of jazz, ballet, and tap through playful games, lively music, and fun props like ribbons, wands and fairy wings! This class promotes spatial awareness, coordination, creativity and self-expression while fostering a love for dance and music.
  • Mini Ballet:
    • Is your dancer ready to twirl like a fairy and glide like a swan? In our Mini Ballet class, dancers will be introduced to the graceful and elegant basics of ballet through creative games, classical & modern music, and fun props like flowing scarves and fairy wands. This class promotes coordination, balance, grace and precision while fostering a love for dance and the arts.
  • Mini Ballroom:
    • Is your dancer ready to swing and sway and make new friends at the same time? In our Mini Ballroom class, dancers will be introduced to the basics of beginning swing and cha-cha as well as foundational creative movements for all dance. This class promotes flexibility, coordination (individually & with partners), rhythm and social skills while emphasizing proper technique.
  • Mini Hula:
    • Is your dancer ready to experience the magic of the Pacific Islands? Our Mini Hula Combo class offers a unique opportunity to explore storytelling through combined hand movement, footwork and hip motions. In this class dancers will learn the fundamentals of Hula, Maori & Ori Tahiti through playful activities, lively music, props & traditional implements like poi balls. This class fpromotes coordination, rhythm, creativity and self-expression while fostering a love for dance and Polynesian culture.


  • Unbeatable low prices
  • Fun physical outlet
  • Enhances coordination, balance and rhythm
  • Develops social skills
  • Cultivates confidence & creativity
  • Promotes spatial awareness and body control through creative movement and gross motor development


  • Does my dancer need to be potty trained to attend class?
    • Dancers do not need to be potty trained, but we ask that they wear a diaper to class if they are not 100% potty trained.
  • Can I watch my child’s class?
    • Morning Classes: Parents are able to watch their dancers from our waiting room.
    • Afternoon Classes: There is a small hallway where parents can watch, however we prefer parents to wait in their cars if possible.
  • Are there other styles offered besides Ballroom, Hula, Jazz, and Ballet? If there is a particular style your little one is interested in, please feel free to give us a call with a request! If there is enough interest we would love to offer it!

Let’s lace up those tiny dancing shoes and discover why incorporating dance into the early childhood experience is not just a good idea—it’s a great one!

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