Welcome to Island Style Hula!

Our Polynesian Dance program has spread the vibrant culture of the islands for over forty years! Our technique classes offer training in Hawaiian, Māori, and Tahitian styles of dance. We focus heavily on building technical proficiency, and some of our students have even gone on to dance with the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii and with BYU’s Living Legends! Our performing teams have dazzled audiences around the United States!

We contract with experienced teachers who have years of professional dancing and/or teaching experience so our students will get the best training available. Click here to read more about our amazing teachers!

If you are checking us out for the first time: We are excited to have you! The Program Description and Team Policies information below will help you get to know our program! Then, click the buttons below to view the class schedules / pricing.

If you made one of our teams: Congratulations! You can get started by reviewing the Team Policies listed below. Upon review, please print and sign the Team Contract to be handed in to your coach. Each team has it’s own page! You can check out your team’s page in the blue menu above for information such as: required class registration, supplies needed, etc.


Hula Teams allow dancers to participate in fun performances throughout the community. Each team will prepare 1-2 routines to perform along with other ISD teams as part of a production. Dancers are invited to participate by audition only (auditions will be held yearly in May).

Studio Teams offered (click to view team page):

We offer technique classes for anyone looking to get the best Polynesian dance training around! All of our technique classes are open enroll for anyone who wants to join! Team dancers will all have required technique class(es), which are posted on your team’s page (located in the menu above).

Classes we offer:

  • Combo Classes (required for all team dancers):
    • Classes for dancers of all ages
    • Includes Hawaiian, Maōri, and Tahitian styles of dance
    • Dancers will learn a routine to perform at end-of-year recital
  • Ori Tahiti Classes (required for Kamali’i, Waena & Holomua dancers):
    • For dancers age 8+
    • Dives deeper into Tahitian technique
    • A GREAT workout!


(Please also review Studio Policies & Fees)

  • You must enroll in all team & required technique classes throughout the entire term (through May).
    • 8 Week Summer Term (mid-June to beg-August): Attendance is mandatory where feasible. Tuition is pro-rated to accommodate summer trips, etc.
    • Fall / Winter Term (September to May): Attendance is mandatory. Tuition is not pro-rated.
  • Team rehearsals are mandatory. While we ask you to make efforts to schedule yourself in a way that will not conflict with team, we understand that sometimes life happens. Please reach out to your coach if you need to miss a team rehearsal. If you miss too many rehearsals without coach approval (unless there is some extreme emergency), you may lose your spot on the team.
  • We may schedule extra rehearsals as needed – we ask dancers to do their best to attend if possible. There will be no extra charge for additional rehearsals.
  • Not every performance is mandatory. Some of our performances are scheduled only a few weeks in advance, therefore we cannot make every performance mandatory. When we book a show we will:
    • Reach out to the team to see who will be able to attend. We hope you will sign up for as many performances as possible.
    • Once we receive confirmation from the team, we will organize the show around the cast that will be participating – so you will be expected to dance in the shows you commit to.
    • Each performance will have a set call time. You will be expected to show up on time and performance ready (hair, makeup, & fingernail/toenail polish must be done PRIOR to arrival).
    • Your placement in team routines will be decided by what your coach feels is best for the team. Placement will primarily be based on skill level, work ethic, attitude, and dedication. Dancers can earn themselves more opportunities to perform through their practice and preparation.
      • KEIKI & KAMALI’I DANCERS: You will perform 1-2 dances in the show (regardless of how many dances you might know).
      • WAENA & HOLOMUA DANCERS: You will perform 2-4 dances in the show (regardless of how many dances you might know).
      • You will only perform a dance once you have been approved by your coach. Coaches will give approval based on knowledge of the routine and technical proficiency.
        • If you need additional help with choreography, you can schedule a private lesson with the coach to catch up (at your expense).

In the event that personal or family circumstances preclude you from fulfilling your team commitment, coaches reserve the right to alter any provision to better accommodate your situation; with the understanding that you, your parents, and your coach will work together to find a solution that does not negatively impact the team.

  • Our main methods of communication to parents is via email. In some cases we may use text message, phone call, and/or the GroupMe messaging app.
  • We will use the email address and phone number provided in your Studio Director account. Please ensure that your contact information is correct and notify the studio immediately should your contact information change.
  • Please make sure you read and understand all emails and messages from your coach. Keep track of performance dates, costume info, etc. We will not send out reminder emails.
    • It may be necessary for coaches to make last minute changes, such as call time, formations, etc. due to unforeseen circumstances on a performance day. The coach’s job is to make decisions based on what is best for the team, and sometimes that means the team needs to be flexible.
    • You may be suspended from participation if you or your parents’ conduct is disrespectful to your fellow team members, coaches, the director, or other parents.
    • You are expected to be a team player in all regards of the team experience, including: setting up and cleaning up at team events, unloading/packing/loading costumes, etc. This means you stay to help until you are excused by your coach!
    • Remember that once you are a member of a team, you do not just represent yourself. You represent the unity and spirit of your team.
    • We will occasionally organize team fundraisers to help offset the costs of running a team. Students and parents are expected to help with team fundraisers.
  • DRESS CODE: You are required to adhere to ISD’s dress code, which can also be found under POLICIES & FEES.
    • Tops:
      • Boys – a fitted athletic shirt or t-shirt
      • Girls – a fitted athletic shirt, t-shirt or leotard
    • Bottoms:
      • Boys – athletic pants or athletic shorts
      • Girls – sarong (wrapped skirt) w/ mid-length biker shorts or leggings
  • Annual Team Fee
    • Keiki Team Fee: $65/yr
    • Kamali’i Team Fee: $150/yr
    • Waena Team Fee: $175/yr
    • Holomua Team Fee: $175/yr
    • The team fee is a ONE-TIME ANNUAL FEE SEPARATE FROM TUITION. Team fee money goes toward costumes, music editing, etc. This fee is due in full no later than October 15. A $50 late fee will be assessed to those who do not pay the team fee by October 15.
  • Monthly Tuition
    • Tuition for all teams & technique classes is due monthly and is located on the class schedule page.
  • Master Classes
    • Master Classes are opportunities for students to learn from professionals in a group setting at a lower price than a private lesson. Fees vary depending on the guest instructor and are not included in the team price. Master Classes are OPTIONAL, but highly encouraged!
  • Trip / Travel Fees
    • If we book performances outside of Utah County, you will be responsible for your own transportation, hotel cost (if necessary), and food.
  • Team Warm-Ups / Apparel
    • Team warm-up jacket is required. Prices vary per year, but are typically around $50+. Other items are optional (pants, bags, etc.).
  • Team Costumes / Accessories
    • In order to help keep costs down for you, the studio will provide some of the costumes and accessories – however some personal items needed will be your responsibility to purchase. Team-specific items are listed on your team page.
    • You may use some team accessories during the show. If you lose a team costume / accessory, you will be charged a replacement fee.

For our teams to be successful, each individual must develop as a dancer. Our technique program will teach skills crucial to a dancer’s personal technical development. In addition to regularly attending their team rehearsals and technique classes, we highly encourage our students to practice frequently on their own!

  • We believe many hands make light work. To help keep the experience positive for the dancers and to assist coaches with team needs, we will ask parents to help in different ways.
  • We need parents who can:
    • Help with team communication
    • Help with costume sewing / cleaning / repair
    • Transport costumes to and from events
    • Help the coach during performance days
    • Plan awesome team parties!
    • Bring food / snacks for long practices / performance days