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We are Utah Valley’s #1 after-school Ballroom Team & Technique Program! Our program is designed to provide a welcoming space for students of all ages and skill levels, where they can pursue their unique goals and aspirations!

Our program has been engineered and developed under the guidance and direction of countless industry professionals. We provide a comprehensive experience that combines competitive formation teams with advanced technique classes; as well as other options for training such as: private lessons, master classes, and practice rounds. We have found that this unique combination is the best way to develop skilled ballroom dancers that are ready to tackle every facet of the competitive ballroom dance world.

For students just starting their ballroom journey, we offer a variety of technique classes tailored specifically to those who are looking for a fun, noncompetitive environment. Dancers will have the opportunity to learn from highly-trained professionals who will ensure a supportive and enriching experience every step of the way!

For dancers looking to expand their skills beyond recreational dancing and train at an elite level, we invite you to audition for our teams! Our teams are led by a professional faculty of instructors and choreographers who will guide the students as they work to perfect their technique and artistry. Dancers will gain lifelong friends, will enjoy the opportunity to participate in various competitions and events, and will gain valuable life skills as they work together to achieve excellence!

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  • Community, Dedication, and Friendship!
  • Nationally Ranked Dancesport Teams!
  • Elite Technical Instruction!

Congratulations to our College Scholarship Recipients!

Each year, numerous graduating seniors from across the nation aspire to join the prestigious BYU or UVU Ballroom Dance Companies.

Applicants are assessed based on their technical proficiency, as well as the talents and skills they can bring to the college ballroom teams. Only the top-ranking applicants are awarded scholarships and elevated placement within these college programs.

We take pride in our Island Style alumni, whose exceptional dedication and hard work have led to these remarkable accomplishments!

Jason Beckstrand

2019 BYU Incoming Freshman Scholarship Recipient

Xavonne White

2019 Accepted onto the UVU Touring Company

Colin Gines

2023 BYU Incoming Freshman Scholarship Recipient

Hailey Herbst

2023 Accepted onto the UVU Touring Company

Sarah Oates

2024 BYU Incoming Freshman Scholarship Recipient

Ready to take your dancing to the next level? Join us today!