Welcome to Island Style Jazz & More!

Our Jazz & More program offers fun opportunities for dancers to try a variety of different styles of dance in a fun, yet high-quality setting! Our jazz teams allow dancers to have exciting performing opportunities without the pressure and intensity of competitions. Our unique combo classes explore styles such as: jazz, ballet, tap, tumbling, ballroom and/or hip hop!

We contract with experienced teachers who have years of professional dancing and/or teaching experience so our students will get the best training available. Click here to read more about our amazing teachers!

If you are checking us out for the first time: We are excited to have you! The Team Policies and Program Description information posted below will help you familiarize yourself with our program!

If you have enrolled in one of our teams: Welcome! You can get started by reviewing the Team Policies listed below. Upon review, please print and sign the Team Contract to be handed in to your coach. Each team has its own page! You can check out your team’s page in the blue menu above for information such as: required class registration, supplies needed, etc.


Jazz & More Teams allow dancers to develop their love for performing! Each team will prepare a couple of routines to perform along with other ISD teams as part of a production.

We offer two levels of teams:

  • For our little ones, we offer “walk-on” teams (No audition necessary) – you can register your dancer right away!
  • Our older dancers are invited to participate by audition only.

Studio Teams offered (click to view team page):

  • Sparkle Team (ages 4-6) – NO AUDITION NECESSARY!
  • Dazzle Team (ages 5-9) – NO AUDITION NECESSARY!
  • All-Star Team (ages 9-12) – BY AUDITION ONLY / COMING 2023-2024

Our Jazz & More program combines great technique with LOTS OF FUN! Our jazz combo program offer a wide range of technique class combinations, including: jazz, ballet, tap, hip hop, contemporary, and/or tumbling. We offer classes for children as young as two years old at an unbeatable price!

Each team dancer is required to enroll in certain technique class(es). Check your team’s page for specific class registration!


(Please also review Studio Policies & Fees)

  • You must enroll in all team & required technique classes throughout the entire term (through May).
    • Fall / Winter Term (September to May): Attendance is mandatory. Tuition is not pro-rated.
  • Please make an effort to attend all team rehearsals! While we hope our little ones will attend class weekly, we understand that sometimes life happens. Please reach out to your coach if your student need to miss a team rehearsal.
  • Each team will participate in:
    • One community performance (Date TBA: sometime between January – March)
    • End-of-year recital (May)
  • Each team will prepare:
    • SPARKLE DANCERS: Students will learn 1 dance in their team class and 1 dance in their technique class (2 dances total).
    • DAZZLE DANCERS: Students will learn 1 dance in their team class and 1 dance in their technique class (2 dances total).
  • Each performance will have a set call time. Dancers will be expected to show up on time and performance ready (hair & makeup must be done PRIOR to arrival).
  • Dancers will be free to leave as soon as costumes are turned in and their parent / guardian picks them up.
  • Our main methods of communication to parents is via email. In some cases we may use text message, phone call, and/or the GroupMe messaging app.
  • We will use the email address and phone number provided in your Studio Director account. Please ensure that your contact information is correct and notify the studio immediately should your contact information change.
  • Please make sure you read and understand all emails and messages from your coach. Keep track of performance dates, costume info, etc. We will not send out reminder emails.
    • It may be necessary for coaches to make last minute changes, such as call time, formations, etc. due to unforeseen circumstances on a performance day. The coach’s job is to make decisions based on what is best for the team, and sometimes that means the team needs to be flexible.
    • You may be suspended from participation if you or your parents’ conduct is disrespectful to your fellow team members, coaches, the director, or other parents.
    • We may need some parents to help take care of the kids backstage before and/or after a performance. Please let your coach know if you can help.
    • Remember that once you are a member of a team, you do not just represent yourself. You represent the unity and spirit of your team.
  • DRESS CODE: You are required to adhere to ISD’s dress code, which can also be found under POLICIES & FEES.
    • Tops:
      • Boys – a fitted athletic shirt or t-shirt
      • Girls – a fitted athletic shirt, t-shirt or leotard
    • Bottoms:
      • Boys – athletic pants or athletic shorts
      • Girls – leggings
    • Shoes:
      • Boys – barefoot, black jazz shoes
      • Girls – barefoot, foot undies, ballet shoes or jazz shoes
  • Annual Team Fee
    • Sparkle Team Fee: $50/yr
    • Dazzle Team Fee: $50/yr
    • The team fee is a ONE-TIME ANNUAL FEE SEPARATE FROM TUITION. Team fee money goes toward costumes, music editing, etc. This fee is due in full no later than October 15. A $50 late fee will be assessed to those who do not pay the team fee by October 15.
  • Monthly Tuition
    • Tuition for all teams & technique classes is due monthly and is located on the class schedule page.
  • Team Warm-Ups / Apparel
    • Team warm-up jacket is optional. Prices vary per year, but are typically around $50+. Other items are also available (pants, bags, etc.).
  • Team Costumes / Accessories
    • In order to help keep costs down for you, the studio will provide some of the costumes and accessories – however some personal items needed will be your responsibility to purchase. Team-specific items are listed on your team page.
    • You may use some team accessories during the show. If you lose a team costume / accessory, you will be charged a replacement fee.
  • We believe many hands make light work. To help keep the experience positive for the dancers and to assist coaches with team needs, we may ask parents to help in different ways.
  • We may need parents who can:
    • Help the coach during performance days
    • Plan awesome team parties!