July 2024 Car Wash Fundraiser

Recommendation donation is at least $5, but you can donate more if you like!


Support Island Style Dance with our annual fundraiser car wash!

  • Purchase your wash ahead of time right here!

  • Or just come on the day of!

  • Or simply make a donation right here!

When: July 20, 10:30 am – 2:30 pm

Where: 2 Locations

Youth Teams

Advanced Auto Parts
1484 N State, Orem

Youth A Medley
Youth B Medley
Youth All-Girls Varsity

Junior Teams

1960 N State, Orem

Junior A Medley
Junior B Medley

All other teams are participating in the car wash pre-sale competition to see how many washes/donations they can get!
(credit given on checkout)

NOTE: this is a fundraiser, so no refunds will be given due to weather, etc. Thank you for your understanding!